Consulting & Design

Procedure for our environmental consultations


Our consulting service includes:

  • Assessment of infrastructure

  • Assessment of environmental conditions and site evaluation

  • Site-tailored management plans

  • Waste water system design and engineering

  • Environmental management plans

Key environmental factors


When hiring a plumbing service in your area it’s crucial to account for environmental considerations to ensure responsible work with minimal ecological impact and conformity to council regulations. Here are key environmental factors to consider:

  • Water Safety

    Our plumbing services emphasize water safety to ensure your water system is installed correctly preventing cross contamination of your water supply.

  • Water Conservation

    We focus on water efficiency to reduce our environmental impact and save money, by installing water-saving fixtures, repairing leaks promptly and offering further water conservation advice.

  • Proper Waste Disposal

    We ensure our plumbing service practices responsible disposal of materials like old fixtures and pipes, adhering to recycling and disposal regulations to prevent environmental harm and health hazards

  • Contamination Prevention

    It’s vital that every service follows stringent practices to avoid contaminating soil or water, particularly important in areas near natural water sources and domestic water supplies

  • Energy-Efficient Solutions

    We use and recommend energy-saving plumbing installments and fixtures, contributing to reduced energy consumption.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Our plumbing services comply with all relevant environmental regulations and obtain necessary permits for our work.

  • By prioritizing these environmental considerations ViroPlumb and its clients contribute to preserving the local and wider ecosystems and promoting sustainability.

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