We have over 25 years experience specilising in water purification and environmental plumbing.

Darren Evans

Viroplumb Pty Ltd

Darren Evans

Our story

Established in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in 1993 we covered the greater Sunshine Coast area working with builders on domestic housing projects and entered into the commercial sector in 1995 working with Government Departments and industry supporting the environment specializing in Oil water separators, spill control systems, Backflow and water purification.

Over the years utilizing our advanced knowledge within the environmental industry we have expanded our specialist field throughout Qld and NSW working with petroleum companies, QLD Railway, QLD Ambulance, Australia Post, car dealerships, transport companies, bus companies, Crane and Earthmoving companies, Mining Companies, The Aviation Industry and more...

What makes us special

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Good to know
  • Specialized Expertise and Certifications

    Expertise in complex plumbing systems, advanced certifications, and continuous training in the latest plumbing technologies

  • Emergency Services and Rapid Response

    We are there, when you need us!

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Plumbing Solutions

    We live a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of plumbing

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